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Horses are nature’s athletes; they are incredible feats of nature and are amazingly versatile animals. It therefore makes sense that just as with humans they are likely to develop aches and pains or sustain an injury. Pain can manifest itself as lameness, a change in performance or a change in behavior. Subject to any medical pathology being ruled out by your Vet musculoskeletal pain is something that Physiotherapy can help with. Physiotherapy can also help to prevent secondary complications arising from injury or box rest and can also help to optimize performance and recovery pre and post competition. Regular assessment and treatment can also help injury prevention in horses that are regularly competing or racing and also with the older horse to help maintain strength and flexibility.


Mans best friend, a loyal work companion or a valued family member. Dogs can become lame for a number of reasons and the diagnosis needs to be made by the Vet. Often a very subtle change in a dogs behavior can tell us that something is not right, for example not going up and down stairs anymore, not jumping in and out of the car or up on to the sofa. Common conditions that can cause lameness in dogs include spinal pain, soft tissue injury and most commonly Osteoarthritis all of which Physiotherapy can help with.

Dogs are now routinely having Orthopaedic surgery using techniques that are comparable to human surgery. Humans routinely have post-operative physiotherapy and a large percentage will have ongoing rehabilitation needs. This is no different for dogs that may require help with pain relief, help to optimize limb use, restore normal function and also to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Physiotherapy can also help with neurological conditions such as chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy, intervertebral disc disease and post operatively following spinal surgery.

Horse and Rider Assessments:

Being a human and animal physiotherapist I am able to offer rider assessments and treatments. Often treating both the horse and rider is required to optimize performance and function. As well as a full assessment of both horse and rider I use a slow motion camera and a screen analysis system to help assess the biomechanics and movement patterns. From this you will receive an individually tailored treatment program.

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