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Nicky's care and attention to detail in treating my dog were exemplary and by following her clear instructions regarding stretches and exercises my little girl is now sound again. Nicky took the time and trouble to look beyond the obvious and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone. Thank you
Marilyn Adams

Tilly's much more flexible and elastic" were my instructors words after just one treatment session from Nicky, "she looks like a different horse!". Despite my horses' challenging behaviour, Nicky continued to calmly assess, identify and treat her imbalances. As an owner, Nicky clearly explained my horses difficulties to me and gave me exercises to do with her, both in-hand and ridden. It was great to feel a part of her treatment and I'm now much more aware of what I can do to help Tilly. A fantastic service - thank you Nicky!
Cally Williamson

My Labrador Lily broke her hind leg aged just four months old. After undergoing Orthopaedic surgery to her femur she was unable to put her leg to the ground. The limb became withered and rotated and became completely disused. After taking a secondary Veterinary opinion I was told that amputation looked inevitable. However, the Vet suggested one last option and I was referred to Nicky Grant Physiotherapy. Nicky put together a very comprehensive program consisting of stretches, massage, electrotherapy for pain relief, exercises, lots of advice and a machine that gave electrical stimulation to Lilly's muscles. Nicky's commitment, patience and tailored service to Lily paid huge dividend and within one month Lily was able to place her leg to the floor. A year on and Lily is leading a virtually normal, happy four legged dogs life! 
I have no doubt that without all of the excellent work and attention Nicky provided Lily would have lost her leg. I cannot express how pleased we are with Lily's recovery and it is all down to the care and treatment Nicky has provided. Thank you.

Sarah Heather

Benji is a six year old Shih Tzu, who I adopted from the rspca when he was a puppy.  As a young dog, he was active and along with long walks, did agility and heelwork to music.  I noticed as he got older, he was generally slowing down and just thought it was due to his age, but he also was becoming more withdrawn from me and his friends ( three other Shih Tzu), sleeping more, he would growl when I tried to pick him up or move him, he was reluctant to exercise and would hold his tail clamped down whilst walking, and had never wagged his tail,  and was off his food.
 I heard of Nicky through the vet surgery that I work at, and asked her to look at Benji, as he is only six and I felt his behaviour was not all to do with his character.  Nicky found that he had alot of muscle tension and was all over quite sore and stiff, poor Benji, no wonder he was struggling with life.  Nicky saw him 3 times and all I can say is what an amazing transformation there has been! He interacts and plays with the other dogs, is active on walks, keeps his tail up and runs or trots both on the flat and up and down hills, is generally much more active and alert and is eating properly again - and is hardly ever caught napping.  
Thank you Nicky for giving me Benji back, I missed him.  He means the world to me, and I know he is in safe hands with you.
Allison Sherlock RVN - Head Veterinary Nurse, Isle Valley Vets Ltd.  

Nicky Grant treats my young ‘work in progress’ and older advanced dressage horses. Having Nicky treat both horse and rider has addressed issues that had previously just been accepted as ‘negative attitude’ and ‘limitation in horse’s ability’ and also fills me with confidence that as a partnership, we are at our best. Being able to continue with stretches and exercises both on the ground and riding made me feel that the treatments were continuing and after a hard schooling session I had the confidence in providing a little relief to both horse and myself.
 My older horse had a horrific fall out on the road. Thanks to Nicky's treatment and support his recovery has been astounding! I contacted Nicky and within 24hours she had liaised with my vet and a treatment plan set up. A very stressful and traumatic experience was made so much better
I cannot recommend Nicky highly enough, she explains everything in detail (even the non-horsey dad who has been roped into help) and never leaves me thinking my horses are just a number!
Kirsty Small

6 months ago Bramley, our 4yr old Bernese was a slow, plodding dog with an odd gait. He was diagnosed with tetra paresis and we were referred to Nicky . With her support and encouragement and following her recommendations on exercise and diet, we now have a bouncy, cheerful dog . His quality of life has improved immeasurably due to Nicky's skill for which we will be forever grateful. "
Mr and Mrs Bush and Bramley

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